Worksheet for Kindergarten Writing

Worksheet for Kindergarten Writing – we propose you to do at home with your children these exercises graphomotricity for children. These are graphomotor activities for children to begin writing. Funny writing stimulation cards for your children to learn to read and write playing.

They are extra-curricular tasks that reinforce the knowledge that children acquire in school. Exercises for Early Childhood children who are learning to write and do strokes.

Graphomotricity is that ability that we have to carry out activities with the hand, in particular, that we do when we write or draw. It is a skill that children have to acquire as they grow up in order to develop writing in the future. Having a hand mastery is basic to writing.

That is why preschool children, that is, during early childhood education, work through chips and games this kind of ability to gain dexterity and strength. It is stimulated at an early age to be able to lay the foundations of the movements we make with the hands, among them to make a readable, harmonic, fast and fluid writing.

And, this ability can be worked by doing graphs and graphs activities like the ones we present in you will find a series of exercises, in which the child has to perform zig-zag strokes, curved lines, straight lines, loops, from top to bottom, from side to side, etc.

It is not about putting the child to write letters simply, it is about helping him to acquire the skills that will lead him to be able to write.

Stimulation to writing in preschoolers

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