Worksheet for Kindergarten in Math

Worksheet for Kindergarten in Math – How can I support my child’s learning?
You are an important partner in your child’s math education.
When you find ways to make your child attracted to think and talk about
of mathematics, you are providing an important key to Triggering Your
future success.
Today, critical thinking, problem solving, the ability to reason
and the ability to communicate mathematically are essential skills. These processes
they are the foundation of instruction in mathematics in Ontario schools and come
to play a role when you make your child commit to activities
suggested in this guide

Build strong and positive attitudes about mathematics.
When children are positively attracted and successful, they will have more
likely to continue an activity or attack a problem to find
* Start with activities appropriate to the level of understanding
early success in problem solving
gradually, move on to activities that
represent a greater challenge for your child.
* If you and your child feel more comfortable in a different language
English, use it. Your child will better understand the concepts in the language he or she
she knows better.

Why is it essential to believe in our children’s ability to
learn math?
Understanding mathematics builds confidence and opens the doors to many jobs and
race. Understanding mathematics allows us to:
* Solve problems and make good decisions
* Explain how we solved a problem and why we made a particular decision
* Use technology (such as calculators and computing applications) to
assist in troubleshooting
* Understand patterns and trends so that you can make predictions (by
example, we can take control of how much juice is consumed to determine
how much juice to buy every week)
* Manage our time and money (for example, we can calculate how much time
we need to get to work, how many food we need to prepare
meals and how much money we need to buy food)
* Handle everyday situations involving numbers (such as
determine when the next bus will arrive or how to divide a recipe)
Before your child can learn mathematics, he or she must believe in his or her
skills to do it. That’s where you take part. You can be the first model
to continue in learning. When you succeed in attracting your child into an atmosphere
relaxed and supportive ,your child will enjoy taking risks while having fun with

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